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News 2000

News archive 2001

11/08/2000 Version 3.31 of the program has been released

New in the version 3.31:
- Detects ATA/ATAPI devices installed on external UDMA/66 and UDMA/100 controllers, even under Windows
- Added detection of additional information on PCI devices (used memory areas, IRQ, subsystem name, etc.)
- For AGP devices - added detection of AGP bus supported version and its speed
- Detects big (over 8.5) processor clock multiplier
- Detects full video memory size of NVidia video cards
- Optimized diagnostics of disk errors while creating a file report
- Optimized processor frequency detection, so that there is no need in the external module clock.prg
- Optimized AMI BIOS detection
- Optimized VESA video modes detection
- Fixed bug of some BIOS while detecting parameters of drives over 8 GB
- Fixed bug on AMD processors when it was impossible to detect processor cache parameters and extended features
- Fixed detection of UDMA modes and ATAPI devices features
- Added 22 monitor vendors and 867 new models
- Part of the documentation is translated into English

08/31/2000 Version 3.30 of the program has been released
New in the version 3.30:
- Detects vendors of motherboards with AWARD and AMI BIOS (323 vendors)
- Detects processors Intel: Pentium 4, Pentium II Mobile, Pentium II OverDrive for Pentium Pro, Celeron Mobile, Pentium Mobile, i486DX4/DX4WB OverDrive for 486DX, i486DX2WB OverDrive for 486DX, AMD: Duron, K6-III+, K6-2+, Cyrix: VIA Cyrix III, Centaur/IDT: WinChip 4, NexGen: Nx686
- Detects clock multiplier and external bus frequency of Intel Pentium Pro processors and higher
- Detects internal processor name, its type and kernel version
- Added L3 cache support of Pentium 4 processor
- Added detection of new Pentium 4 feature - Automatic Clock Control and of AMD processors - x86-64 Long Mode
- Detects the biggest function number supported by CPUID command
- Detects Phoenix, Acer BIOS and AMI BIOS for Intel Corporation
- For AWARD BIOS - detects chipset and type of system bus, for AMI
- detects BIOS size
- Supports ATA/ATAPI-5 standard, including 8 GB HDD controller level and higher, detects UDMA modes of CD-ROM drives, detects Single Word DMA mode, number of sectors per interrupt, bytes of ECC correction, Security Erase Time, detects new features of ATA/ATAPI-5 devices, active DMA/UDMA modes
- Identifies Windows 9x version
- When starting, program detects Windows NT/2000 and closes the application displaying a message
- Added new key '/B' of the command line - saving dump of system and video BIOS
- Default extension when creating a file report from the command line is '.rpt'
- Added full path name of the report file
- Added progress bar of the detection process
- Increased database search speed (using totally new algorithm)
- Increased speed of saving a file report
- Added 23 vendors of PCI devices and 503 devices
- Added 12 monitor vendors and 954 models
- Fixed bug of detecting cache and internal name of Cyrix processors
- Fixed minor bug when detecting processor features
- Fixed bug of AMD Duron (stepping A0) processors when detecting L2 cache size
- Optimized AWARD BIOS detection
- Fixed detection of non-existed PCI devices
- Fixed minor bug if drives are no installed
- Deleted 0h symbol from BIOS copyright lines - in some cases this led to incorrect program operation
- Fixed bug when detecting additional S3 video modes
- In 3 months program will be asking you to update the current version

03/30/2000 Version 3.22 of the program has been released

New in the version 3.22:
- Added L2 cache size and parameters of AMD Athlon and K6-III processors
- Added L1 cache size and parameters of Cyrix 6x86MX processors and higher, and also of Centaur processors
- On numerous requests added saving a file report from the command line
- Added detection of int13h extension version
- When starting, program detects presence and version of OS/2 and displays a message
- The 64 MB barrier while detecting memory size is overcome
- Detects HDD size over 8GB
- Detects new Intel processors features: 36-bit Page Size Extension, Processor serial number, Cache Line Flush Instruction, Debug Trace and EMON Store, ACPI, Streaming SIMD Extension (SSE-2), Selfsnoop, IA64
- Detects new AMD processor features: Page Address Extensions, APIC, Memory Type Range Registers, Machine Check Architecture, Page Attribute Table, Page Size Extensions 36 bit, AMD MMX Instruction Extensions, FXSAVE/FXRSTOR
- Added detection of monitor model under Windows 9x
- Optimized detection of IDE devices, no non-existing drives can be detected since now
- Program runs in a command line mode on 8086 processors:-)
- Optimized information display format on processor cache
- Detects Intel Pentium III 512kB cache and Intel Pentium III Xeon 512kB cache manufactured by 0.18mk technology due to BrandId analysis
- Added 178 vendors of PCI devices and 136 new devices (including chipsets VIA KX133, SIS 540, SIS 630, videochips S3 Savage 2000, NVidia NV11 and NV15)
- Added 2 monitor vendors and 114 new models
- Fixed bug when processor information was not displayed for some Cyrix 6x86MX processors
- Blocked displaying Cyrix processor name in a extended information window as these processors don't support it
- Fixed minor bug when IOMEGA drive is installed as master while CD-ROM - as slave
- Fixed bug when detecting HDD UDMA modes
- Fixed bug when data file couldn't be opened on some computers
- Informer on the Web: http://www.informer.newmail.ru

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