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News 1999

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12/23/1999 Version 3.21 of the program has been released

New in the version 3.21:
- Added detection of Centaur/IDT WinChip2A (C2A), WinChip3 (C3), Rise mP6 and mP6-II processors
- Detects SSE instructions of Pentium III processors and AMD Extended 3DNow!
- Added information on bit per pixel number in VESA modes
- Added 242 vendors of PCI devices and 398 new devices, including new chipsets i810, i820, i840, VIA Apollo Pro, etc. Added 1 monitor model
- Code names of new processors changed to their official names (Intel Itanium and AMD Athlon)
- Fixed minor bug when detecting APM
- Fixed bug when displaying additional information on Intel P6 processors cache
- Fixed bug of detection of non-existed CD-ROM named A when running under Windows 95/98
- Internal model of IOMEGA drive was earlier detected as CD-ROM
- Blocked displaying extended information on AMD K5 PR100 processors and lower, as these processors don't support it
- Fixed minor bug when detecting some AMD chipsets
- E-mail has changed to kkv@krata.tambov.ru; new FidoNet address: 2:5009/5.17
- Program is available at FTP-server: ftp://ftp.krata.tambov.ru/pub/informer

03/31/1999 Version 3.20 of the program has been released
New in the version 3.20:
- Internal program structure is totally changed
- Added overlays
- New version of the library 'x86 CPU/FPU Detection Library'. TMi0SDGL Revision 2 Version 2.06. Copyright(c) 1996-98 by B-coolWare is used for detecting processors without CPUID support and frequency of 486 processors and lower
- Added detection of sound card type and its installation
- For Intel P6 processors and higher - detects L1/L2 cache size and type. For AMD K5 processors and higher detects L1 cache size and type.
- Detects HDD support of Ultra DMA modes, S.M.A.R.T. technology, etc.
- Detects processors: Intel: Pentium III Xeon, Pentium III, Pentium II Xeon, Celeron, Pentium II Over Drive for P54C (P55CT), 80386SL, 80C86, 80C88, AMD: K6-2-3D, K6-Plus-3D, Am486DX, Am486SX, AMD Elan SC400 Microcontroller, Cyrix: Cx486SRx/SRx2, Cx486SRu/SRu2, Cx486DRx/DRx2, Cx486DRu/DRu2, Cx486S_a, SGS-Thomson: ST486DX2, C&T: 38600, 38600SX, Centaur (IDT): Centaur (IDT) C2,
- Detects coprocessors: Intel: RapidCAD, IIT: 4C87DLC, ULSI: 84x87
- Detects new processor features (Fast Save/Restore, Cyrix Extended MMX, AMD 3DNow!, internal processor name, etc).
- Detects COM port with mouse installed
- Added detection of 407 vendors of PCI devices and 391 new PCI devices (including i440BX, i440GX and VIA MVP3 chipsets)
- Added 8 monitor vendors and 56 new monitor models
- Corrected CRT module version - earlier program was not responding at computers with processors higher than Pentium II 233 MHz
- Fixed bugs while detecting mouse presence and getting information from VBE 2.0 BIOS
- FIDO address has changed: 2:5009/7.12
- You can contact author at e-mail: informer1@chat.ru

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