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12/07/2003 Version 0.91 beta of the ASTRA32 for Windows has been released. Click here to learn more about ASTRA32 for Windows.

11/25/2003 Version 0.90 beta of the ASTRA32 for Windows has been released. This is the first public beta version of ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool. Click here to learn more about ASTRA32 for Windows. We'll continue to advance new versions of ASTRA for DOS. If you want to help with the development of this program, send the report from your system to support@sysinfolab.com

Version 4.13 of the ASTRA has been released
New in the version 4.13:
- Added reading of SPD information on ALI 1533, 1543 and 1535 south bridges
- Added detection of AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, AMD Athlon XP (Thorton) and AMD Duron (Applebred) processors
- Added detection of clock multiplier of AMD Opteron, Athlon 64 and VIA Antaur processors
- Added detection of BrandId identifier of AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 processors
- Added detection of new AMD processors features: Software Thermal Control, Thermal Monitoring, Thermal Trip, Voltage ID Control, Frequency ID Control, Temperature Sensor and No-execute Page Protection
- Added Zenith BIOS, Phoenix BIOS for Texas Microsystems, Phoenix BIOS for Clevo and Phoenix BIOS for Tatung support
- Fixed size detection for big (larger than 132GB) hard disks
- Fixed detection of IDE ATAPI devices
- Now Windows module of program uses VXD driver
- Added 4 vendors of PCI devices and 150 models
- Added 3 monitor vendors and 88 new models
- Added 5 PnP devices
- Added 23 vendors of SPD memory modules

04/21/2003 Version 4.12 of the ASTRA has been released
New in the version 4.12:
- Added reading of SPD information on nVidia nForce, nForce2 chipsets, Intel ICH5/ICH5R hub, AMD 755, 756, 766, 768 south bridges and Intel 440MX chipset
- Added detection of Intel Pentium M, Intel Pentium 4 (Prescott), SiS 55x processors
- Added detection of new Intel processors features: Streaming SIMD Extension - 3 (SSE-3), Monitor/MWAIT, CPL-Qualified Debug Stor, Thermal Monitor 2, Enhanced SpeedStep Technology
- Fixed reading of SPD on some Asustek motherboards model
- Fixed detection of some HDD model
- Bug of search in a database of devices is fixed
- Added 1 vendor of PCI devices and 94 models
- Added 17 new monitor models
- Added 1 vendor of motherboards with AMI BIOS

04/21/2003 Ability to import reports into hardware inventory management software - Hardware Inspector. Hardware Inspector is the application for automated hardware asset tracking and inventory management of hardware. The Hardware Inspector is unique because it keeps separate records of the devices, and not just configuration settings of each computer. Each device is assigned a passport, and the program keeps the history of its transitions between workplaces and registers their maintenance information.

02/12/2003 Version 4.11 of the ASTRA has been released

New in the version 4.11:
- Added detection of network card MAC address
- Added detection of logical processors count of Hyper-Threading technology
- Added detection of AMD Athlon XP (Barton), VIA C3 (Nehemiah), National Semiconductor Geode GX1 processors
- Added detection of CD rotation control method
- Added support of ATA/ATAPI-7 standard, including detection of Media Serial Number, Streaming Feature, General Purpose Logging, World Wide Name and others
- Added support of DMI/SMBIOS 2.3.4 standard
- Added support of PCI 2.3 standard
- Fixed program hang-up during detection of some Samsung CD-ROM
- Fixed program hang-up during ISA/PnP or LPT/PnP detection on some configurations
- Fixed running in case of setting attribute 'Read Only' on a file astra.dat
- Fixed detection of extended memory size under MS DOS 8.0
- Fixed enabling SMBus controller on some motherboards
- Fixed detection of Intel Pentium 4 (E0 stepping) processor
- Fixed detection of processors without CPUID support (old 486 processors and lower)
- Fixed false detection of multiprocessor systems
- Fixed detection of mouse driver version
- Added new keys of the command line /nLPT, /nDMI and /nSB - disabling LPT/PnP, DMI/SMBIOS and Sound Card tests
- Added 2 vendors of PCI devices and 102 models
- Added 4 monitor vendors and 94 new models
- Added 2 vendors of PnP devices and 11 models
- Added 8 vendors of motherboards with Award BIOS
- Added 78 vendors of SPD memory modules

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